Maule, Lord Panmure Fox
b. 1801-04-22
d. 1874-07-06
Fox Maule (1801-74), the second Baron Panmure of the United Kingdom and eleventh earl of Dalhousie, of the Scottish peerage, was born on 22 April 1801 at Brechin Castle, Forfarshire. Maule is most known for his seat in the House of Commons in 1835-37, 1838-41, and 1841-52, when he was raised to the peerage. In his early life, Maule attended Edinburgh University until he joined the 79 regiment foot as an ensign on 3 June 1819. Maule remained in the military until he retired on 5 April 1831, and throughout his military career he rose through the ranks, eventually reaching regimental captain in 1826. After his time in the military, Maule transitioned into governmental work where he served as the undersecretary of state from 1835 to 1841 -- becoming secretary of state for the War Office on 6 July 1846.1
He served in that office, until 6 February 1852 and later returned in February 1855. It was during this time that, under Panmure's direction, the Crimean War ended. Although Maule well-served the government, his hot temper caused such a degree of offense that Palmerston excluded him from his new ministry in 1859, leading Maule to be in an “exile.” Nonetheless, Maule had been involved in different areas throughout his life. He was a strong supporter of the Free Church of Scotland upon its formation in 1843 and would later sit as the first non-Catholic governor of Charterhouse from 1850-1871. By 19 December 1860, Maule succeeded to the earldom of Dalhousie. And by 1861, Maule was a knight of the Scottish Order of the Thistle, knight grand cross of the Bath, keeper of the privy seal of Scotland, lord lieutenant of Forfarshire, and commissioner of the royal military asylum. However, upon his death on 6 July 1874, the barony of Panmure became extinct.2
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