The Ossipee was a wooden sloop of war constructed in June of 1861 and launched in October of the same year. The vessel derives its name from a river that runs from the Ossipee Lake, in New Hampshire, to the Saco River, in Maine.1
The Ossipee, which the author of this Public Offices document refers to as the “Ossifree”, spent many years in the service of the US Navy. While stationed in the Pacific, from 1866 to 1872, the Ossipee attended to American interests along the coasts of Mexico and Central America.2
On September 27, 1867, the Ossipee embarked on a journey from San Francisco to Sitka, Alaska, to convey the Russian commissioners to the ceremony in which Russia would transfer Alaska to the United States.3
The Ossipee sold at Norfolk on 25 March 1891.4
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