Prince of the Seas, 1853-?
The Prince of the Seas was a square-rigged sailing merchant-vessel built in Saint John, NB, by James Smith in 1853; it was 59 m long and 11 m wide.1
In this document, from May 23 1861, Booth writes on behalf of the Privy Council for Trade to report that stores for the use of the Lighthouses at Vancouvers Island will be sent aboard the Prince of the Seas, which, according to Booth, sailed from London on May 20th. The same document lists said supplies for both the Race Rocks and Fisgard lighthouses.
The December 27, 1861 edition of the British Colonist announces the arrival of Prince of the Seas and lists its goods from London, which include English Drugs and English Chemicals, Pilot Jackets, Oil Paintings, and Bandannas.2 The same page gives notice, on behalf of Henderson & Burnaby, that Neither the captain nor the undersigned will be answerable for any debts contracted by the crew of the above vessel.3
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Mentions of this vessel in the documents
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