Ransom, Henry Edward
d. 1891
Henry Edward Ransom esq. of New York was the fourth son of William Ransom esq. of Stowmarket,1 and would become the general manager of the Bank of British Columbia -- established in 1862. Ransom was well versed in finance as he had worked for 12 years as an agent at the Bank of British North America in New York.2 In the mid 1860s, Ransom succeeded James Napier as manager of the Bank of BC on account of his ill health.3
In his position Ransom was responsible for all aspects of the financial state of the colony, particularly in dealing with the loans being provided by the bank to the whole of the colony under the Loan Act of 1864.4 Throughout his time with the bank, Ransom rose through the ranks by gaining the position of General manager in 1867 which he held until 1875; he was then subsequently promoted to Director in 1876 which he held until his death in 1891.5 Overall, Ransom worked for the Bank of British Columbia for 24 years. During his time with the bank Ransom was very well liked and respected by all the shareholders, the Daily Colonist described him as having untiring zeal and energy in every aspect of the job[.]6
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