Sutas (also known as Lutas) was a Tsilhqot'in First Nations member, involved with the conflict at Bute Inlet. With his relative Ahan, they attacked a group of road workers, resulting in the deaths of Higgins, Alex Macdonald and McDougal.1 A year later, Sutas, and Ahan travelled to Bella Coola with a variety of expensive furs in order to create peace with colonial authorities.2 Instead of accepting their offering, Mr. Moss captured Ahan and Sutas for their role in the Bute Inlet conflict.3 At the trial, Ahan and Sutas, explained they were pressured into the attack by the powerful Chief Klatsassin who had threatened them with death.4 Mr. Brew charged Sutas with third degree murder, but pardoned him with a royal clemency and returned to Bella Coola.5
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