Triumph, 1861-1869
This vessel had several lives and political allegiances. It was built in Scotland in 1861 as the merchant steamship Fingal.1
As Fingal, it ran a blockade at Savannah, Georgia in November of 1861, during the American Civil War, and was captured and converted into the CSS Atlanta: an ironclad ram built to attack Federalist warship blockades at ports and rivers along the same coast.2
As CSS Atlanta, it was forced to surrender after running aground during a battle in Wassau Sound, whereafter it was taken into Union service as the USS Atlanta.3
It was decommissioned at Philadelphia in June, 1865; however, it was apparently sold into service again in 1869 as the Hatian warship Triumph, a name it carried to its fate when it disappeared somewhere off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, in December of that year.4
Mentions of this vessel in the documents
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