Wootton, Captain Henry
b. 1826
d. 1875
Henry Wootton was born in England and joined the HBC as a mariner. In 1858, Wootton piloted HBC ship Labouchere to Victoria.1 Married in England, he met up with his wife, Eliza Yardly, upon his arrival at the colony nearly a year later.2
Wootton became a member of the civil service colony and served as the first Postmaster General of Vancouver Island, a position he maintained for many years.3 Wootton was appointed to the combined position of Post Master and Harbor Master in 1861. He is described by Governor Douglas as a man with high character for integrity and ability. Douglas further reports that Wootton has been for some time serving as Clerk of the Writs in the Supreme Court [and] is a certificated Master in the Mercantile Marine.4 Wootton often dealt with debt collection, as well as customs laws concerning foreign vessels trading in local waters.5
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