Wrangel, Baron Ferdinand
b. 1797-01-09
d. 1870-06-06
Baron Ferdinand Wrangel was a Russian explorer born in Pskov on 9 January 1797.1 From 1829 to 1835, he was governor of the Russian settlements in America; he also held positions as director of the Russian American Company (1840-49), and naval minister (1855-57).2 In 1855, there was concern that the Russian American Company would attack the defenceless state of Vancouvers Island since they had colonies in surrounding areas of North America, primarily in Alaska and California.3 These concerns were allayed after the Hudson's Bay Company signed a reciprocal neutrality agreement with the Russian American Company.4 Wrangel's signature was included on the official letter establishing their neutrality sent to the HBC.5 Wrangel has also been credited with complet[ing] the mapping of the northeastern coast of Siberia and helping to found the Russian Geographical Society.6 Wrangel Island in Siberia was named in his honour.7 Wrangel died in Tartu, Estonia on 6 June 1870.8
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