No. 35
27 November 1858
I have to communicate for your information, that I advised Capt. Grant, the Officer commanding the Detachment of Royal Engineers, who lately arrived here for the service of the Colony of British Columbia, to proceed without delay to Fort LangleyManuscript image Fraser's River and to put up buildings there for the accommodation of his own party and of the other troops expected from England, as by taking those steps I was of opinion he would be carrying out to the letter the wishes of Her Majesty's Government, the instructions of Col. Moody his Commanding Officer, and my own views with respect to the requirements of British Columbia.
2. Captain Grant coinciding with me in those views, it was arranged that the whole detachment of Royal Engineers shouldbeManuscript image be transported with all their stores, provisions for four months, and building materials for the construction of several wooden houses of respectable size to Fort Langley, an arrangement which was successfully, and at once, carried into effect.
3. I have further chartered the Hudson's Bay Company's Brigantine "Recovery" 1 used hitherto as a revenue-vessel, to lodge the troops, until houses are erected for their accommodation so that they are thoroughly protected from the weatherandManuscript image and made as comfortable as circumstances will permit.
4. The men are in high spirits and in perfect health.
5. I also made a requisition on Admiral Baynes for a Medical Officer 2 to remain with the troops.
Trusting these proceedings may meet with your approbation.
I have etc.
James Douglas
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Mr Merivale
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Draft reply, Lytton to Douglas, No. 14, 4 February 1859.
  1. = HBC brig Recovery The Recovery. Info needed. The ship was used as a revenue cutter in guarding the Fraser River against smuggling. See the Gazette 21 August 1858, 15 and 27 January 1859. ??
  2. The medical officer was Staff Assistant Surgeon John Vernon Seddall. No, wrong man. Baynes' officer.
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Baynes, Robert Lambert

Blackwood, Arthur Johnstone

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Douglas, James

Grant, John Marshall

Lytton, Edward George Earle Bulwer

Merivale, Herman

Moody, Richard Clement

Seddall, J. V.

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