No. 59
28 December 1858
I have received your Despatch No 33 of the 25th of October, transmitting the copy of a letter from Mr John Miles, applying for the grant of a certain gold quartz vein in British Columbia, together with a copy of the answer which you have returned to him through the Governor of Canada. 1
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There can be no objection in my opinion to the validity of Mr Miles claim, and as soon as he discovers and can point out its locality we shall not fail in taking instant measures to secure him in the full possession of it.
Mr Miles arrived lately at this place and I shall communicate further with him on the subject.
I have etc.
James Douglas
Minutes by CO staff
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Communicate the substance of this desph to Sir E. Head, for the infn of Mr Miles, who resides in Canada.
ABd 28 Feb
Annex dt.
HM Mh 1
Put by, as Mr Miles has reached the Colony.
ABd 2/3