No. 62
29 December 1858
1. I have to acknowledge and to observe in reply to your letter marked private of the 16th of October last that I will carefully attend to your instructions respecting the employment of the RoyalEngineersManuscript image Engineers who have been despatched to British Columbia. 1
2. I understand by your letter that Colonel Moody and his men are expected to perform all the surveying duties in the Colony and that it is therefore unnecessary that I should accept the services of other surveyors, whose employment would add so much to the heavy expenses, which the Colony is called upon to defray.
3. Anticipating such instructions, after beingapprisedManuscript image apprised of Colonel Moody's appointment, I made no exertion to form a surveying corps, and for the survey of the Town sites in British Columbia, I employed Mr Pemberton, Surveyor of Vancouver's Island, who also managed the sales of Town lands, and was most accommodating and useful, in every capacity.
4. The Colony is therefore not encumbered with any civil corps of surveying officers.
I have etc.
James Douglas
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