McNab to Lytton
30 November 1858
The Directors of the Bank have received a communication from the Treasury under date 25th instant, with reference to which I am directed to ask the favor of your granting an interview, on as early a day as may suit your convenience, to a deputation from their body.
I have etc.
C. McNab
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
This is an application for an interview.
VJ 1 Decr
The Treasury are the proper Department to advise upon such matters. They have given their opinion both to us and to the Banking Companys. The reason why that Company demands an interview most probably is that it is dissatisfied with the decision of the Treasury and would like something different. But it Manuscript image seems to me very dangerous to be led into oral discussions on matters of this kind with eager speculators, and both in order to save Sir E. Lytton's time and also for the sake of security and precision in despatching the business, I should be inclined to suggest that the Company be courteously informed that Sir E. Lytton's time is at present so much occupied that it would be difficult for him to appoint an interview, and that he would feel obliged to them if they would explain in writing the subject which they wish him to consider.
TFE 2 Decr
EBL 2 Decr
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Draft, Elliot to McNab, 4 December 1858, asking the Bank of British North America to explain in writing the subject they wished to discuss with Lytton.