Arbuckle to Lytton
Junior MP Club
11 October 1858
I have the honor to request that you will be pleased to [take late?] your favourable consideration this my application for any sort of civil employment that you could kindly offer me in British Columbia or elsewhere. I beg to state that I have served for Five years in Her Majesty's service in the West Indies, Crimea & Canada, at the end of which time I found my prospect of promotion by purchase so bad, that I retired from the service and I did so without [illegible] much reflection and now I have to regret that I did so, for I am withoutManuscript image any occupation; and am most desirous of getting some employment, and would prefer going to British Columbia, as it seems a good field for a young man and I have a small sum of money wh: I have no doubt I could turn to good account there besides which I am acquainted with many of the Engineer Officers who are either gone or going to that part of her majesty's dominions. I have also in contemplation marrying and I could not afford to live in LondonManuscript image even should I be able to get employment there. And this is another great reason why I would like to go to service of Her Majestys Colonies.
I may add that I can produce testimonials from every Commanding Officer under whom I have served.
I trust that the services of my Father Colonel V. Arbuckle on the retired list of the Royal Artillery and of My uncle General Wylde C.B. also of the Royal Artillery may have some weight in influencing you in my behalf, should you be so kind as to take my claimManuscript image [or retnr?] my application into your favourable consideration and be able to give me employment of any sort and anywhere that it is in your power.
Sincerely hoping that you will be able to give me a favourable answer to this my earnest appeal
I have the honor to be Sir
Your most obedient humble Servant
E. Vaughan Arbuckle
late 39th Regt

To the secretary of state
for the Colonies
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Carnarvon to Arbuckle, 28 October 1858, advising that there were no situations vacant.
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Express regret that there is no situation now vacant in British Columbia which it is in the power of Sir E. Lytton to appoint the applicant to.
ABd 15 Octr
TFE 18 Oct
Annex draft.
C Oct 18