Barker to Lytton
5 Wattham Cottages
Warner Road
3d Novr 1858
Having seen in the Times that Government is sending out Clerks to "New Columbia" I take the liberty of forwarding the enclosed Copy of a Certificate (The Original one from Somerset House having unfortunately been lost by Lady Palmerston) and humbly entreating you Sir toManuscript image grant me a nomination.
I speak and write perfectly French and Italian (The first like a Native, having been educated in Paris) and have passed a Successful examination before the Civil Service Commission. I am also happy to be able to add, that I have always given perfect satisfaction to My Superiors during the two years I was employed in Somerset HouseManuscript image as a Temporary Clerk, and can obtain from them any further Certificate, Should it be necessary.
I have a family wholly dependent upon my exertions for support, and therefore most sincerely trust Sir that you will kindly pardon the liberty I have taken in applying to you.
I have the honour toManuscript image remain,
with profound respect Sir
Your Most humble obedient Servant
F. Barker
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
I am not aware that it is Sir E. Lyttons intention to make any appointments of this nature?
VJ 8 Novr
State that there is no intention to send out Clerks to B. Columbia, & that their class is generally described as one peculiarly unfitted to succeed in a new Settlement.
TFE 10 Novr
Annex draft.
C N 11
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
Statement advising that Lady Palmerston had lost the Certificate given to Mr. Francis Barker, dated 20 September 1858.
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Carnarvon to Barker, 18 November 1858, advising that there is no intention to send clerks to British Columbia.