Lamb, Lady Palmerston [Lady Cowper] Emily
b. 1797-04-21
d. 1869-09-11
Lady Palmerston lost a certificate owned by Mr. Francis Barker sometime in 1858. Barker required the certificate as part of his application for a financial clerk position in British Columbia.1
Lady Palmerston was born Emily Lamb in England, 21 April 1787. She married Lord Peter Leopold Louis Francis Nassau Cowper on 20 July 1805. In the years after the birth of her first son, Lady Palmerston began to entertain a throng of admirers, suitors, and lovers. She had so many male callers that the paternity of her next four children was highly suspect.2
Lord Cowper died in 1837, allowing Lady Palmerston to marry her most consistent lover, Lord Henry Palmerston, on 16 December 1839.3
Lady Palmerston became the première political hostess in London by 1849, after having hosted hundreds of parties in the years prior to her marriage to Lord Palmerston.4 Her parties were often used for political purposes; Lord Palmerston's position was largely maintained by Lady Palmerston's social aptitude.5
Lady Palmerston continued to entertain political figures until her death on 11 September 1869. She was buried next to her husband in Westminster Abbey.6
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