Brown to Lytton
5th November/58
Thomas Brown of Her Majesty's L.I. corps is willing to Voulinter his service to Sir E.B. Lytton to serve her Majesty, in British columbia. My discharge is good for my Service in the C[r]imea And my privet carecter from Captin Grace that was commanding Officer for 12 Months in the c[r]imea.
If Sir E. B. Lytton will have the goodeness to appoint to some post that I can be of Service to her majesty I will Think it my duty to serve her In British Columbia or any of colonies. I am equail to store keeping To the Commisartt or I wouldManuscript image Willing join Mr Brew in British Columbia.
Yor humble Servant
Thomas Brown
Address Thomas Brown
Clinty [polow?]
By Ballygawley
[P.S.] Hopping yor obedient Servent will have yor Forgiviness any thing that is amiss this scrall.
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
This is an application for employment in B. Columbia or some one of the Colonies.
I presume the usual answer must be returned—that Sir E. Lytton is unable to give him employment?
VJ 9 Novr
TFE 9/11
Annex dt.
C N. 10
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Carnarvon to Brown, 15 November 1858, advising that there were no positions vacant in British Columbia.