Campbell to Lytton
23rd Septr 1858 To the Rt Honble Sir E.H.L. Bulwer Bt &c Secy for the Colonies

I beg to lay before you my application for an appointment in the Cape Constabulary force or in the corps about to be formed in British Columbia. I have to plead the services of my family for many generations and my own desire to be employed in any capacity in any of our Colonies. The development of the resources of our Colonies and their defence have for many years engaged my attention, and some years ago I laid before the Rt Honble Sir G. Grey a plan for colonising the frontiers of the Cape upon a defensive schemeManuscript image which though considered at the time impossible, was carried out in part at the close of the Crimean War with the German Legion. Having a considerable practical knowledge of the Natural Sciences such as Geology, Botany and their kindred, I could in addition to my duties turn these to advantage to the Colony. All my family are Military, my education has been Military and I have served in the French Dragoons, the Leicestershire Militia and the [one word off microfilm] Irregular Cavalry during the Crimean War. Trusting some appointment may be found for me however humble, in the Colonys, where a thorough knowledge of French, a good acquaintance withManuscript image Italian, Spanish, German, Turkish may be useful.
I am Sir
Your obed Servt
Douglas H. Campbell Lt Col. Turkish Hussars
Late Major O.I.C.
formerly Capt French Dragoons
& Lieut Leicestershire Militia
student of [Laumin?] Military College

Age 36—References
Duke of Rutland
Earl Howe War Departnt
Sir Walter Stirling Bt
General Bentson
Major Genl M.M. Smith
Brig Genl Havelock
Brig Gen. Natt. E.I.C.
Brig Genl de Rienzie Brett, E.I.C.
Admiral Gordon HuntlyManuscript image
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Private Secretary
Mr Merivale
Ansr that it is not intended to form a Constabulary force in Englnad for service in B. Columbia & that, under those circes Sir E. Lytton regrets that he cannot offer this Gentleman employment in that Country.
ABd 24 Sep
The appointments in the Cape Constabulary are not filled from this Country.
WCS Sep 25
Annex draft stating both [parts].
C S. 28
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Colonial Office to Campbell, 4 October 1858, advising that the Cape force is formed in the colony and that there is no force being formed in England for service in British Columbia.