Gosset to Lytton
The Cloisters
Octr 28.58.
The later date at which I received your decision, in regard to the safe scales, dies & stationery, which I ventured to consider necessary for the security of the Public from loss or fraud; has put it out of my power to visit the Stationery Office to select books & papers &c; but the Comptroller of the Stationery Office would no doubt send out "a suitable collection of posting ledgers, cash, day & memoranda books and other ordinary articles of banking or Treasury use for organizing a new office"Manuscript image if requested in these general terms to do so.
If registration of assurances be contemplated (and on this point yr letter makes no reference to my memorandum) some quires of a larger sized (folio) paper of the most durable kind should be added to the supply. And as you have decided against dies, perhaps you may approve of sending out stamps of various values from 1d upwards both receipt and bill &c.
I have the honor to be Sir
Your most obt servt
W. Driscoll Gosset

The Rt Honble
The Secy of state for HM Colonies
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Copy to T-y that they may in some measure know what to order for the use of Capn Gossett's dt. But there are other papers in circulation on this subject, which shd be referred to.
ABd 30 Octr
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