Kernaghan to Lytton
Messrs Spooner Attwood & Co.
27 July 1858
I beg to thank you for the interview this morning as well as the promise of a Colonial appointment, but I think for that of the Secretary-ship of British Columbia my claims have been overlooked (stated in a letter which the Attorney General for Ireland gave you) backed as they were by Memorials in the Foreign Office from all the cities of Canada & the chief cities of England & Ireland.
This morning I handed you a letter of introduction from old friends of mine Messr Gilmour Rankin & Co, the largest shipowners in the Empire with the greatest interest of any House in the Manuscript imageNorth American Colonies having branches at Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, St John N.B., Miramichi, Bathurst, & other places. Having taken a very great interest in opening up the Direct Navigation with the Lakes & West of America as well as in aiding to overthrow the monopoly of the Hudson's Bay Co I think from my knowledge of the new Colonies I would be of more use there than elsewhere.
Some of my friends Members of Parliament & Canadian Merchants now in London think a deputation to you might change your mind. If you would be willing to receive it, have the kindness to name the time.
As to public matters, if troops would be sent out to the new Colony The West India Mail Steamer Manuscript imageor chartered ones could bring them to Aspinwall, by Rail to Panama thence by Pacific Mail Co to San Francisco & Pugets Sound close to the mouth of the Frazer River.
The fares from New York to San Francisco are £25 for Steerage passengers.
It is likely that the Pacific Mail Co (Sect in Liverpool) may have an idle steamer at Panama which could bring a regiment up to the Colony. This being the Sickly Season at Panama more troops ought not be sent than can get passages on arrival.
The Canadian Merchants wish the Admiralty to use Colonial timber in building ships of war for such purposes as it is fit, no doubt the Colonial Office would assist them in this matter.
I am Sir your obedient
Wm Kernaghan
Rt Hon Sir Edw Bulwer Lytton MP
Colonial Secty
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Lord Carnarvon
If Sir E. Lytton has given the writer a promise of a Colonial app[oin]tment it must have been given at some interview.
The best mode, though of course not quite the quickest, of sending out the Sappers & Miners (with their arms, ammunition, & scientific Instruments) a magistrate, a few police men, a Doctor, & any body else whom it might be desirable to sent to B. Columbia, wd be by chartering a fine Steamer, if the Admiralty have none available, & despatching them from England by the Horn. They wd be subject to no contretem[p]s of delay en route at Panama or S. Francisco, & it wd be unnecessary to cross any Foreign Territory on the journey. In 60 days, at furthest the vessel could perform the voyage.
ABd. 29. July.
Manuscript image
Sir Edward Lytton
It is right to draw your attention to this letter as Mr Kernaghan thanks you for the promised of a Colonial appointment.
Will you give instruction accordingly by placing him [on] your private list?
C. July 29.
In reply, state civily that he has wholly misconceived me, that I gave him no promise of a Colonial appointment. I merely said that his abilities & interest in Colonial matters would speak favorably for him should appointments likely to be available occur but that such apptments were very rare. And that if the Secy to B. Columbia were sent out from this country the place was probably preoccupied. But Deputations for private apptments are wholly irregular & objectionable. Thank him for letters from Canada.
Other documents included in the file
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Draft reply, Carnarvon to Kernaghan, 5 August 1859, stating Lytton gave no promise of employment and that deputations in support of applicants would be “very irregular.”
Documents enclosed with the main document (transcribed)
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Gilmour Rankin Strang Co. 23 Fenchurch St, London to Lytton, 27 July 1858, supporting Kernaghan's application for appointment.
With 7409/500
63, Fenchurch Street
London 27th July 1858
We represent large Colonial & Shipping Interests & having known Mr. Kernaghan for many years, we take the liberty of referring you to the Memorials in his favor signed by Rankin Gilmour &Co. Liverpool & Allan Gilmour Quebec which are now in the Foreign Office.
We have the honour to be
Your Obt Servants
Gilmour Rankin Strange &Co.

Right Honble
Sir E B Lytton MP
Secretary of the Colonies