Moody to Carnarvon (Parliamentary Under-Secretary)
4 New Street
Spring Gardens
13th Sepr 1858
My Lord,
I find that the only serious difficulty in dividing the Party into 2 Ships, consists of having 2 surgeons, one to each party. The Military Authorities will insist upon this. Doubtless they will lend one—His passage out and home being defrayed by Impl Ty chargeable eventually to the Colony. It is possible theAdmiraltyManuscript image Admiralty may be wishful of an opportunity to send out a Surgeon to their Fleet in that part of the world. If so, the arrangement would "fit in" without extra expense.
Perhaps you would be disposed to cause an early enquiry to be made at the Admiralty, before I move further.
I have the honor to be
Y. Lordship's Most obedt Sert
R.C. Moody

Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Lord Carnarvon
Enquire officially of the Admy whether they have any such wish. Request an immediate ansr.
ABd 14 Sepr
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Draft, Merivale to War Office, 15 September 1858, forwarding copy of the letter and asking Major General Peel to contact the Admiralty should he concur with Moody's suggestion.
Minutes by CO staff
Lord Carnarvon
I think Colonel Moody ought to work out results that are practicable: & not leave it to us to make proposals, whh may turn out impossible of execution.IManuscript image I expect that the War Office know nothing of our idea of sending the detachment out in 2 parties—& that the Admy will ansr that if they want to send a Surgeon to the Pacific for themselves they have plenty of opportunity,Manuscript image which cost them nothing, in Men or Ships of War.
If they assent to send a Surgeon out with our second party they will tell us that he must be paid for accly in the freight ship.
This, at least, is what I expect.