Scott to Higgins (Private Secretary)
Lord Chancellor's Court
Lincoln's Inn
5 Nov/58
Dear Higgins,
A friend of mine Mr H.P.P. Crease, a barrister, is anxious to be appointed Stipendiary Magistrate in British Columbia. Enclosed is his application, together withManuscript image a copy of testimonials.
If you can assist Mr Crease, by causing his application to be brought to the notice of the Secretary of State for the Colonial Department I shall be very much obliged to you.
Believe me sincerely yours
W.C. Scott

Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Blackwood
Would you be good enough to deal with this application. The testimonials seem to be above the average line.
WF Higgins 5 Nov/58
VJ 8 Nov
No intention to create any further office but note his name.
TFE 9 Novr
Sir Edward
Will you note his name?
C N 10
Very well, but say many other names are noted too.
EBL Nov 111
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
Philip Vankoughnet, Commissioner of the Board of Works of Canada, to Crease, 28 July 1858, encouraging him to emigrate to New Caledonia where his character and abilities would surely ensure an appointment in the government service.
Judge John Hagarty to Crease, Toronto, 29 July 1858, testimonial promoting his intention to proceed to the new colony.
Manuscript image
Reverend H.J. Grasett, Rector of the Cathedral, Toronto, to Crease, 29 July 1858, testimonial alluding to his education, character and abilities.
Manuscript image
Application, briefly describing Crease's past history including his education, family status, work background and intention to relocate to British Columbia, dated 22 October 1858, no signature.
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Draft, Carnarvon to Scott, 22 November 1858, advising that although no appointments were at present available in the colony, Crease's application would be added to the many names already on the list.