No. 93
5 January 1859
With reference to my Despatch No. 92 of the 4th Instant upon the subject of the Site chosen for the seat of Government of British Columbia, I have the honor to state to you that deeply appreciatingManuscript imageappreciating the kind and gratifying interest which Her Most Gracious Majesty has been pleased to manifest towards the development and prosperity of the Colony of British Columbia, we are earnestly desirous that Her Majesty should vouchsafe one further proof of Her continued regard by signifying Her will as to the Name to be given to the future Capital.
2. Her own Royal Name having already been bestowed upon the Seat of Government of Vancouver'sManuscript imageVancouver's Island cannot also be assigned to that of British Columbia, but until Her Majesty's Commands can be communicated, it has been determined, for the necessary sake of convenience, to distinquish the Town by the name of "Queensborough"; and it would be received and esteemed as an especial mark of Royal favor were Her Majesty to name the Capital of British Columbia; either, indirectly, after His Royal Highness the Prince ConsortManuscript imageConsort, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, or some Member of the Royal Family, so that the Colonists of British Columbia, separated from friends and kindred in this their far distant home, may be ever gratefully reminded in the designation of their Capital of the Power that protects their hearths, of the watchful interest that guards their liberties, and of the gentle sway by which they are governed.
I have etc.
James Douglas
Minutes by CO staff
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Copy, I presume, with 3266 for the Queen.
ABd 29/3
"Queensborough" sounds prosaic, & reminds one also of an English borough of indifferent fame.
HM Mh 30
Send copy to the Queen & take Her pleasure on it?
C Mch 31
Send copy to Queen & dft letter to take Her pleasure. Queensboro is not only prosaic—it is the quin[t]essence of vulgarity.
EBL Ap 1
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Lord Carnarvon
In a Letter from Sir E. Lytton to me, dated the 30 April he says that the new capital is to be called "New Westminster"—& that the Governor is to be so informed. Shall a draft be accordingly prepared?
ABd 2 May/59
C May 2
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Draft reply, Carnarvon (in the absence of Lytton) to Douglas, No. 61, 5 May 1859.