No. 94
5 February 1859
I have the honor to acquaint you that although no Executive Council for British Columbia has, as yet, been formally appointed, still I have called to my assistance Colonel Moody, and Judge Begbie, as MembersManuscript imageMembers of that Council, and we have already met upon several occassions to confer upon the policy to be pursued, and upon various measures to be adapted in connection with the future government of the Colony.
I have etc.
James Douglas
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Mr Merivale
Approve? There is no fundamental objection I presume to the Judge being in this Council. His appointment might be confirmed as a provisional measure till such time as the materials in the Colony enabled the Governor to relieve the Judge. And, I Manuscript imagebelieve he cd not succeed to the Govt.
ABd 29/3
I do not think we had better treat this, as yet, as a regular Council, & issue warrants of appointment accordingly. It may be left as a mere voluntary Committee of advice. Approve in this sense, adding that whenever the Governor thinks the formation of an Executive Council expedient, proper steps shall be taken (His Instructions will shew what these are).
HM Mh 30
I agree.
C Mch 31
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Draft reply, Carnarvon (in the absence of Lytton) to Douglas, No. 46, 11 April 1859.