No. 119
21 March 1859
In compliance with the instructions contained in your Despatch No 5, of the 15th January 1859, I have duly communicated to Captain Gosset, the Treasurer of British Columbia, the contents of the letter you enclose from the Colonial Agent General upon theManuscript imagethe subject of a requisition furnished by Captain Gosset prior to his departure from England, and more particularly with reference to that part of the demand relating to the skeleton gear of a powerful water wheel.
2. I observe the Instructions you have given to the Agent General to send only such Articles as cannot be made upon the spot; a wise decision in the case of the water wheel applied for by Captain Gosset, as without specific information as to its kind and size, it would probably have been of no service to the ColonyManuscript imageColony and only an expenditure of money to no purpose.
I have etc.
James Douglas
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ABd 10 May
C May 11