No. 163
Government House Victoria
Vancouvers Island
4 June 1859
I have duly received your Despatch No 29 of the 10th March informing me of the appointment of Mr George Cary as Attorney General in British Columbia.
2. I have to inform you in reference thereto that Mr Cary arrived safely in Victoria aManuscript imagea few days since.
3. I have observed with due attention that the salary of the office will be Four Hundred pounds per annum, with a contingent promise of increase, and that he will be permitted to enjoy private practise, and that should the future Legislature of the Colony consider the permission of private practice under the circumstances of the Colony, inexpedient, Her Majesty'sManuscript imageMajesty's Government will require that some addition should be made to the present Salary.
I have etc.
James Douglas
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ABd 25 July
HM Jy 25
CF 25
N 26