No. 226, Miscellaneous
25 October 1859
My Lord Duke,
I have the honor to submit herewith, and to solicit your Grace's instructions in reference thereto, the copy of a Letter from the Treasurer of British Columbia upon Manuscript imagethe subject of the repayment of the actual expenses incurred by me in making an Official Tour in British Columbia.
2. As the course proposed by the Treasurer, viz. that I should receive a certain daily rate when absent from fixed Residence appears unobjectionable, and in accordance with established custom, I have adopted his suggestion pending the receipt of directions from your Grace.
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I have etc.
James Douglas
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
The commutation of the Governors expenses incurred in travelling for a daily allowance is no doubt desirable—but it may be thought doubtful whether there are sufficient data to decide upon the rate of such allowance. Unless therefore it is wished to decide the matter at once, Gov. Douglas might be asked to state what his actual expenses have been during the past year?
HT Irving 27 Dec
The Treasurer thinks £5 per diem would not be unreasonable; & I suppose he is right. But the Ty must be asked.
HM D 27
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Other documents included in the file
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Draft, Elliot to G.A. Hamilton, Treasury, 5 January 1860, forwarding copy of the despatch for consideration.
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Draft reply, Newcastle to Douglas, No. 5, 21 January 1860.
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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W. Driscoll Gosset, Treasurer, to Acting Colonial Secretary, 10 July 1859, forwarding report relating to expenses incurred during the governor's tour of British Columbia.