No. 231
10 November 1859
My Lord Duke
I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton's Despatch No 62 of the 7th May on the subject of the disposal of Crown Lands in British Columbia.
2. In my Despatch No 156Manuscript image156 of the 23rd May, replying to Sir Edward Bulwer Lyttons Despatch No 16 of the 7th February, I stated my full concurrence in regard to the advantage attending the system of prompt payment for Land, and we shall if practicable without retarding the settlement of the Country, introduce the practice into British Columbia.
3. With reference to the reservation of Lots at New Westminster for sale in the United Kingdom and the British Colonies, which is discussed in the same Despatch No 62, IManuscript imageI could remark for Your Grace's information, that it was made with the view of meeting the demand anticipated by the large emigration expected this year from Great Britain and her Colonies, and which it was feared might otherwise be deprived of the chance of obtaining Lots at New Westminster.
4. It was however never intended, nor have we empowered any agents to sell, specific Lots either in the United Kingdom or the Colonies, otherwise such powers should be recalled, agre[e]ably to the instructions receivedManuscript imagereceived on this matter.
I have etc.
James Douglas
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ABd 30/Jany
This may be viewed merely in the light of an answer to general observations. It raises no practical question and might have been put by.
But with reference to the recent despatch from this Office of the 7th of Jany, the Duke of Newcastle has permitted me to raise the question whether this opportunity may be taken of explaining to Governor Douglas Manuscript imagethat in sending out Capt. Clarke's paper, there was no idea of having recourse in any event to the method of legislation by Order in Council, and that the only object was to invite the Governor's opinion on the principle of the scheme, subject, if he should think it a good one, to all the adaptations which might be requisite in order to fit it to the local circumstances of British Columbia.
TFE 4 Feby
This may be as well, to avoid any possible misunderstanding, though Governor Douglas will probably have had judgement enough to interpret the despatch as merely for his assistance in the way of advice.
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Draft reply, Newcastle to Douglas, No. 9, 18 February 1860.