No. 240
22 December 1859
My Lord Duke
I have the honor of transmitting herewith for Your Grace's information, the Copy of a Proclamation issued on the second day of December instant, imposing a charge of Twelve Shillings per ton on all goods transported or taken from NewManuscript imageNew Westminster to any place in British Columbia, to be paid by the Carrier of the goods to the Collector of Her Majesty's Customs at New Westminster.
2. This is simply a revenue Act, intended to raise a fund to be applied to the opening and improvement of the navigation in the Fraser and Harrison Rivers, and especially to the removal of an extensive shoal in the latter, which renders it impassable by the River Steam Vessels for a great part of the year.
3. The tax has not excited the smallest feeling of discontent even among the proprietors of Steam Vessels, who are acquainted with its object, and expect to derive many advantages from the improvement of theManuscript imagethe navigation.
I have etc.
James Douglas
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale
Register the Proclamation & refer to Sir F. Rogers in the first instance.
What can be the "wares & merchandize" of New Westminster at present?
ABd 14/2
At once.
HM F 15