Haliburton to Lytton
Canada Agency Association Limited
25, Old Broad Street, London
16 May 1859
On behalf of the Canada Agency Association, I have the honor to submit to the consideration of Her Majesty's Government, the following proposal, with a view to expedite and facilitate the Sale of Lands in British Columbia, and Vancouver Island, on its reversion to the Crown, and thus to promote the general improvement of that Settlement, and the development of its great natural resources.
The proposal is this: that Her Majesty's Government should appoint the Canada Agency Association their Sole Agent for the Sale of Lands in British Columbia and Vancouver Island, at an upset price to be fixed by Her Majesty's Government.
In order more readily to negociate the sale of Lands, as contemplated in this proposal, it is submitted that all Maps, Surveys, Reports and other Official information respecting the Soil, Climate and Capabilities of the Settlement, should be placed by Her Majesty's GovernmentManuscript imageGovernment at the service of the Association, in order that those who intend to become Settlers, or Purchasers, may receive from the Association, as ample and trustworthy information as they could derive from Her Majesty's Government, which would thus be relieved from the burden, responsibility, and expense, as well of supplying the preliminary information, as of conducting the subsequent negociations: both which duties would be undertaken by the Association, as Agent for Her Majesty's Government, within limits defined by Government itself.
And it is proposed, that the Sale of Lands should be negociated either in England, or in British Columbia: in the latter case, the Sales would be conducted by an Agent, appointed by the Association, but subject to the approval of Her Majesty's Government.
It is submitted, that the Association should receive a Commission on all Sales effected by them. The remuneration thus given to the Association would be in exact proportion to the work done by them: and which they venture to assume is, on National grounds, work of a very important and interesting character.
The Association are the more encouraged to submit this Proposal to the favorable Consideration of Her Majesty's Government, as they have reason to believe that the subject of affording increased facilities of Communication between the Canadas and British Columbia has been already brought under the notice of Her Majesty's Government: and it is obvious that the opening of such a communication, as well as the making of Roads within the Settlement cannot fail to exercise a very beneficial and permanent influence onManuscript imageon the fortunes of British Columbia.
The Association, on whose behalf I venture to address you, believe that the Proposal, of which the above are the outlines, is capable of being so moulded, as to confer great benefits both on the Mother Country, and the Settlement: and subject to such modifications, and improvements, as may be suggested by a more lengthened experience, and larger views than their own, they beg to submit their proposal to the consideration of Her Majesty's Government.
I have etc.
T.C. Haliburton
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Mr Elliot
The usual course wd be to refer this proposal for the report of the Land Board: but the correspondence which has so recently passed between Govr Douglas and this Office may enable us to dispense if it wished, with such reference.
I annex the correspce.
ABd 17/5
If the Governor's plan of reserving some lands to be sold in England had been confirmed, it would I suppose have become necessary to appoint either a private Agency for the purpose or else to employ the Land Board. But the plan has been disallowed and I must say that from extensive personal experience I entertain the worst opinion of the course of selling in England lands situated in the Colonies. It merely serves to assist schemers, and to disappoint honest purchasers.
I think that we may as well refer this to the Land Board for report, remarking to them at the same time that, as they are aware, the plan of selling in England any of the public lands of Columbia has been disallowed.
TFE 19 May
The entire project submitted in this communication is so full of objections that it might be declined at once on the grounds proposed by Mr Elliot. But it may be as well to have the L. Bd report, requesting them to give an early reply.
C May 20
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Draft, Carnarvon to Haliburton, 4 June 1859, advising it had been decided to forbid land sales outside of the colony.
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[Referring to the title "Sir," which has been crossed out:]
The Knighting Mr Haliburton is my mistake. It is the Chief Justice Haliburton, I have since recollected, who has recd this honor.