Shaw to Merivale (Permanent Under-Secretary)
Royal Geographical Society,
15, Whitehall Place, S.W.
31 October 1859
I am directed, through you, to return the Society's best thanks to the Duke of Newcastle, for the communication, just received, of a copy of the Despatches from the Governor of Vancouver Island enclosing the report of Lieut Richard Mayne of an overland journey in the Districts of British Columbia bordering on the Thompson, Fraser & Harrison Rivers; and that of Lieut Palmer's
Received through T.F. Elliot, Esq.
reconnaissance of the Harrison and Lillouet route to the Upper Fraser; both of which shall be laid before the Council at its next Meeting.
With reference to Manuscript imagethe maps and plans which accompany the reports, and are about being lithrographed, I am requested to add that the Society will be glad to be favored with copies of them as soon as completed.
I have etc.
Norton Shaw
Secretary, R.G.S.
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ABd 2 Novr
Mr Blackwood
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