Lugard to Merivale (Permanent Under-Secretary)
7 October 1859
Your letter of the 3rd inst, with its enclosures, relative to the Marines sent to Vancouvers Island from China on board H.M. Ship "Tribune" has been laid before the Secretary of State for War. In reply I am to acquaint you, for the information of the Duke of Newcastle, that Mr Secretary Herbert sees no reason for differing from His Grace in thinking that it might beManuscript imagebe advisable, under the circumstances, to call upon the Officer Commanding the Detachment (Captain Maginn) for an explanation of his conduct in holding out to the Men promises of extra pay and allowances and a grant of land at the end of six years service; but he would remind His Grace that Captain Maginn is under the control of the Admiralty and not of this Department.
Mr Herbert desires me at the same time to observe that he does not perceive from Rear Admiral Sir M. Seymour's Despatch that any reference has been made toManuscript imageto Colonel Holloway, Commanding the Brigade of Royal Marines in China, who, together with Mr Jeans, the Admiral's Secretary, is distinctly pointed out by Captain Maginn as the Officer from whom he received the assurances in question.
I have etc.
Edward Lugard
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Mr Merivale
I conceive that a copy of this Letter should be sent to the Admiralty, with a request that the Lords Crs wd institute the necessary enquiries of Colonel Holloway.
Allow me to call your attention to the fact that an opinion has been expressed (9 July) to the War Office that the Supernumerary Marines sent from China may be withdrawn from B. Columbia. Events arising out of General Harney's conduct have, in all probability, interfered with the withdrawal of these supernumeraries from the Station; and if the Marines have been detained on it for national purposes the responsibility for such detention rests on the Military Authorities. What the Colonial Office has specially to see to is that the double pay and grant of Land promised to the men for B. Columbia duty should be stopped as soon as possible. Therefore, I think, with much submission that the proposed despatch to Govr Douglas, suspended by His Grace's desire should be sent, as it touches only on the two points above mentioned.
ABd 12 Oct
I think Mr Blackwood has not noticed the latter part of the draft, which speaks distinctly of noticing the supernumeraries. If anything must be written, perhaps it will suffice to cut the draft short, stopping where I have underlined it. But it is an awkward moment for quarelling with our marines. Manuscript imageThe Admiralty must apparently be moved to make the necessary inquiries of Capt Maginn, Col. Holloway and Mr Jeans.
HM O 14
I still think it better to suspend the despatch till we hear how matters are progressing in S. Juan.
N 18
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Draft, Elliot to Secretary to the Admiralty, 22 October 1859, concerning promises made to Royal Marines and requesting that Captain Maginn be called upon to explain his conduct.