Moody to Under-Secretary of State
9th April 1859
I have had the honor to receive a communication from H.E. Governor Douglas covering copies of letters from the Secretary of State for the Colonies informing me that the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury have sanctioned the payment to me of the sum of £250 on account of the passage of myself and two servants to British Columbia.
I should Manuscript image
I should feel greatly obliged by being further informed whether instructions have been issued for the payment of £100—in aid of the passage of Mrs Moody and family.
Paid on 15 Novr 1858.
In reference to the latter sum I would request a further grant of £100.
You are already aware from the representation of Captain Grant, and which I am in a position fully to confirm, that the unavoidableManuscript imageunavoidable expenses of the journey were far beyond what any one in England at the time of leaving could foresee.
The great expenses of the journey, the lowness of my salary and the extremely high rates of every thing here places me in a position embarrassing to a degree which I am quite certain was neither contemplated nor would be approved of by the Secretary of State.
I have the honor to be Sir
Your most obedient Servant
R.C. Moody
Colonel R.E.

The Under Secretary of State
for The Colonies
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
Ansr, through the Governor, that the £100 to defray Mrs Moody's passage was paid to Messrs Cox on the 15 Novr 1858.
Colonel Moody had £250 allowed for his journey & that of 2 Servants—also £100 for his wife.
Capn Grant—who went to B.C. with troops & had all his expenses paid—was allowed £100 for his wife's journey, increased, on his application, to £150.
Capn Gossett [Gosset]—Treasurer—had no allowance for his wife. I am not aware that he asked for any.
Col: Moody has £1200 a year—Civil pay. He has also military pay. On the scale of other Salaries he is well paid, though may be none of the Officers appointed by this Office are sufficiently paid in so very expensive a place as B. Columbia. At any rate Col: Moody is better off than any body else in the place. Considering this circe, & that he got £350 in all towards his own passage & that of his family I am not much in favor of complying with this request.
ABd 7 June
Nor I.
HM J 7
Decline civilly alluding to the facts stated.
C June 8
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Draft, Newcastle to Douglas, No. 1, 23 June 1859, assuring that Moody's expenses have been covered.
Minutes by CO staff
Lord Carnarvon wishes this subject to be reserved for the decision of Sir E. Lytton's Successor.
ABd 11 June