Memo, Nicholls to Lytton

Mr Nicholls, Secretary of Greenwich Hospital presents his compliments to Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton and trusts he may be excused in trespassing upon Sir Edward's time in venturing to recommend to his notice and consideration Mr Henry Ball, late Captain in Her Majesty's 11th and 55th Foot, who is desirous of obtaining an appointment in British Columbia or Vancouver's Island in any capacity in which his services can be turned to account.
Captain Ball has been 15 Years in the Army, from which he has recently retired, and is now only 33 Years of age, but having a Wife, and increasing family with disappointed hopesManuscript imagehopes of future, he is desirous of occupation. Captain Ball has the experience of some Ten years Colonial Service in New South Wales & Van Dieman's Land, and gained much credit when in Command of a detachment of the 11th Regt employed for some months at the Gold diggings.
Captain Ball was selected by his Commanding Officer, Colonel Blumfield, to assist in the organization of a Mounted Police Force, in which he afterwards held a Command for a considerable time, and can produce testimonials as to character and ability. Captain Ball is not particular as to the nature of the employment in British Columbia, but it occurs to Mr Nicholls, that his Military experience of 15 Years, knowledge of the Manuscript imageAustralian Gold Countries and having held a Command in a Mounted Colonial Police Force, he might be found useful in a newly established Colony.
Mr Nicholls is induced to trouble Sir Edward on behalf of Captain Ball, with whom he is connected by marriage, from having a nephew at Vancouver's Island, as an Officer of H.M. Ship Satellite, who speaks most favorably of the rising Colony.
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Greenwich Hospital
8th February 1859
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
From minutes of Sir Edward Lytton's on other applications for Offices in these Colonies I shd judge that it is not in his power to comply with this request—but the Private Secy will be able to ascertain the ansr Sir Edward wd wish to have returned to this Letter.
ABd 9 Feb
HM F 11
C F 12
Decline [acting?]. No vacancies. Lists of Candidates full.
EBL F 12
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Draft, Carnarvon to Nicholls, 24 February 1859, declining to accept Ball as a candidate for office, with explanation.