No. 5
Downing street,
15 January 1859
I transmit for your information a copy of a letter from the Colonial Agent General in which with reference to a requisition furnished by Captain Gosset before he left this Country for British Columbia, theagentManuscript image Agent points out the uselessness of complying with that part of the demand which refers to the "skeleton gear of a powerful Water wheel".
The reasons assigned by Mr Julyan appear to me conclusive, and I have therefore instructed him to procure and send to the Colony such articles only as are specified by him and which cannot be made on the spot.
You will communicate the contents of the agentsletterManuscript image letter to Captain Gosset in answer to the one which he addressed to this Department on the 26th of October last.
I have the honor to be
Your most Obedient
Humble Servant
E B Lytton