No. 31
Downing Street
21 October 1859
I observe in your despatch of the 23rd of August No 207 that you express your anxious wish for the arrival of the Gun boats promised for the service of British Columbia by my Predeccessor in his despatch of the 10th of last March.
Having Manuscript image
Having made inquiries of the Admiralty on this subject, I learn that the two Gun boats in question were despatched on the 28th of last August—that they sailed from St Vincent on the 22nd ultimo, and that they were then bound to the River Plate, with orders to the Admiral on the Station to send them on as soon as he could spare them.
The "Termagant" (Screw Frigate) was to accompany them; but I apprehend shewasManuscript image was destined for the general service of the Station.
I take this opportunity of apprizing you that Her Majesty's Government have ordered the "Topaze" and "Clio" to join the Squadron on the North West Coast of America.
I have the honor to be
Your most Obedient
Humble Servant