Reeve to Rogers (Permanent Under-Secretary)
Council Office
27 June 1860
I am directed by the Lord President of the Council to transmit to you in original two petitions addressed to Her Majesty in Council by the Governor and Adventurers of the Hudson's Bay Company humbly praying that Her Majesty will be pleased to refer the consideration of the justice Manuscript image justice or injustice of their claims to certain territories in North America, of which they allege that they have been dispossessed by the Officers of the Crown to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council; and I am to request that you will move His Grace the Duke of Newcastle to inform the Lord President whether it appears to His Grace to be expedient that such reference of these petitions to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council should be made by Her Majesty.
If Manuscript image If any practical result would ensue from a more accurate determination of the legal rights of the Hudson's Bay Company in North America, it appears to the Lord President that such legal questions might with propriety be argued before the Judicial Committee and reported on by that Committee to the Queen, but as the concurrence of the Executive Government is indispensable to give effect to any opinion which might be expressed Manuscript image expressed by the Lords of the Judicial Committee, His Lordship is of opinion that no such reference ought to be made except with the concurrence of His Grace the Secretary of State for the Colonial Department.
The enclosed petitions being transmitted in original I am to request that you will have the goodness to return them, and as a Council will be held by Her Majesty on Saturday the 30th instant I am further to Manuscript image to request that you will favour me with an answer before that day.
I have etc.
H. Reeve
Reg. P.C.
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Mr Elliot
Return the Petitions signifying, at the same time, the concurrence of the Duke of Newcastle, in the proposed reference of them to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.
ABd 27/6
TFE 27/6
CF 27
N 27
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Draft, Fortescue to Reeve, 4 July 1860, returning the petitions and agreeing to refer the matter to the Judicial Committee.