Yorke to Under-Secretary of State
Horse Guards
29 March 1860
I am directed by the General Commanding in Chief to transmit to you for submission to the Secretary of State for the Colonies the enclosed letter from Mr E. Hammond King, last Paymaster 59th Regiment, who as a Retired Officer, applies for a remission in the purchase money of land in the Colony of British British Columbia Manuscript image Columbia Columbia.
I have etc.
C. Yorke
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
You will see what the Governor says on the 30th June/59 (8565)—that he will pay early attention to the Col: Office instructions to him to introduce into B. Columbia the system of remitting a certain amount of the purchase money in the acquisition of Crown Land by retired officers—subject to any modification which might be requisite. But we have not since heard from him on this Manuscript image subject, nor do I know from any other source whether the Governor has taken any measures or not in the case. The writer, Mr King, is at VanCouver Island, & from his present enquiry I should judge that Governor Douglas has not settled what is best to be done.
ABd 30/3
I think the answer to this may be that the question whether or not to confer special privileges on Military Settlers in British Columbia has been left to the discretion of the Governor, and that Mr King, who appears to be resident at VanCouver's Island, will best and most speedily learn such decision as may be adopted on the spot by direct application to the Governor. Supposing that such privileges are conceded they will be allowed equally and without distinction to all Officers who are eligible for them
This to be added in the draft.
under the regulations on the same subject in other Colonies and will not Manuscript image not be dependent on favor or on questions of individual merit.
TFE 31 March
CF Ap 2
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Draft, Colonial Office to Yorke, 11 April 1860, stating the question of conferring special privileges to military settlers had been left to the governor.