No. 2, Civil
7 January 1861
Questions having arisen as to the fitting amount of personal allowance to be granted to Colonel Moody, and to the Officers of Royal Engineers under his Command, when absent from their fixed residence upon duties connected with their Civil Services, I should feel much obliged if your Grace would inform meofManuscript image of what is usual in such cases, and also whether officers, or what officers, are entitled to the privilege of charging the Public with the cost of the travelling Expenses and board of their Servants, when accompanying them upon such occasions.
2. In the case of the Civil Officers of the Government, the sums I have hitherto sanctioned in the few cases which have occurred have been
To the principal Officers of the Government,
or Superior Civil Servants................ £1 per night
Inferior Officers........................... £0.15 "
Subordinates in Departments, such as
Clerks, Junior Clerks, Constables... From 0.12.0. to 0.6.0. per night
In some of the more remoteDistrictsManuscript image Districts, I have been obliged to increase these rates somewhat, according to necessity, for the bare necessaries of life are sometimes only obtainable at a cost of from 12/s to 16/s per diem.
I have the honor to be
My Lord Duke
Your Graces most obedient
and humble Servant
James Douglas
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Mr Elliot
We have no fixed rule, with which I am acquainted, governing the amount of travelling allowance to civilians in the Colonies. Indeed the expenses of living & moving about in the Colonies vary so much that we cd scarcely arrive at a fixed conclusion on the subject. But we might send this desph to the War Office & ask that Dt if they can furnish us with any infn wh. wd enable the Duke of Newcastle to tell the Governor what is the practice of the War Office with Officers of Colonel Moody's rank, & Corps.
ABd 7/3
Mr Fortescue
The question is what allowances these Officers of the Engineers should have when absent on their civil duties. I do not think that this is a matter for the War Office. I should answer that Colonel Moody should have the same allowances as principal Civil Servants in the Colony, vizt £1 per night, and that the subordinate Officers should have the allowances of Civil Servants in analogous positions, vizt 15s/- per night. No allowance for servants is ever granted in this Country to Officers travelling on the public service and I should express an opinion that it ought not to be granted in British Columbia, and that the claim is not a reasonable one. A Military Officer who cannot make a trip without his valet is rather a luxurious man for his profession.
TFE 8 March
CF 9
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Draft reply, Newcastle to Douglas, No. 71, 19 March 1861, advising that officers of the Royal Engineers should be allowed the same per diem as members of the colony's civil service in analogous positions, and that costs related to personal servants accompanying the officers should not be covered.