Reeve to Rogers (Permanent Under-Secretary)
Council Office
28 June 1861
With reference to your letter of the 4th instant enclosing the answer of the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury on the subject of the Pensions of the Hudson's Bay Company and stating that His Grace the Duke of Newcastle is anxious that no further delay should take place in this matter,IManuscript image I am directed by the Lord President of the Council to inform you that His Lordship instructed me to communicate to Mr Maynard, the Solicitor of the Hudson's Bay Company, the nature of the answer given by the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury to the effect that any claims which might arise out of the reference to the Privy Council must be met out of such means as the local Governments have at their disposal, and can in no case be allowed to fall upon Funds which would have to be provided by Parliament.
Having made this communicationtoManuscript image to the Agent of the Company I have received from that Gentleman a letter dated the 27th instant stating that his Clients cannot be satisfied with having to look to the Colonial Revenues but that they consider that they have only the Imperial Government to look to as it is with that Government alone that the transactions in question have been discussed. They add that they therefore think that it will not be expedient to proceed with the petitions which have been presented until this matter is cleared up as it may rendernecessaryManuscript image necessary some alteration of the Petitions.
Her Majesty had been pleased to refer the petitions of the Hudson's Bay Company to the Judicial Committee at the Council on the 26th instant before the last mentioned communication of the Agent had been received, but under these circumstances the Duke of Newcastle will perceive that the Lords of the Judicial Committee are not able to enter upon the investigation of the legal title of the Company until the parties are willing to proceed and haveproducedManuscript image produced the evidence in support of their claim.
I have etc.
Henry Reeve
Reg. P.C.
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ABd 29 June
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Mr Fortescue
I annex a draft of a letter to the H.B.Cy proposing what seems to me (and I think to the Compys Solicitor to whom I have spoken on the subject) the proper course. And to prevent cross-proposals I have written privately to Mr Maynard to inform him that such a letter may probably be sent.
FR 5/7
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Draft, Fortescue to H.H. Berens, Hudson's Bay Company, 12 July 1861, concerning petitions by the company regarding certain lands occupied on Vancouver Island.