Holloway to Newcastle
Nov 30th 1861 To His Grace the Duke of Newcastle

I take the liberty of laying before your Grace, a matter which though insignificant in itself, is of vital importance to a poor hard-working man such as I am.
On the 21st day of August 1861 at a public sale of town lots in the city of New Westminster I purchased three lots which are numbered as follows, "Block 36 Lot 2 Block 36 Lot 15 Block 36 Lot 5." The terms of the sale were as follows, one fourth cash down, the balance to be paid in monthly instalments: the price of the three lots ammounted [sic] to £88.00s.00d. At the conclusion of the sale I paid the sum of £22.00.00, one month from the day of the sale I paid the second instalment £22.00.00 but unfortunately, I was unable to pay the third instalment on the day that it became due, two weeks afterwards I tendered to the Chief Commissioner of Lands & Works, the whole of the balance due on the above lots, but it would not be accepted. I was officially informed that my property was forfeited. I applied to the Chief Commissioner twice for redress, but was denied even a reply to my communications. After calm and serious deliberation and the advice of some friends, I have come to the conclusion that your Grace is the only person from whom I can expect justice. To your Grace I take the liberty of applying, and moreover I am fully persuaded that you will deign to inquire into the matter and secure for a poor honest man who is willing at any time to risk his life in defenceManuscript image of British Law and British freedom. I am a native [of] Devonshire England, and am a true and loyal subject of her Majesty Queen Victoria, but have been treated with more contempt by the Officials of this Colony, than any Foreigner that has set foot on the soil of British Columbia, but trusting to the honor and integrity of your Grace, I hope to have speedy redress.
And your petitioner will ever pray
Robert Holloway
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
Call upon the Governor for a report, and inform the writer that his complaint must be investigated & reported upon by the Governor before the S. of S. can pronounce any opinion thereon.
ABd 5 Feb
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Call upon the Governor for a report. Tell him to acquaint the writer by desire of the Secretary of State that established rules require that representations to the Secretary of State should be forwarded through the Governor, and that if he had taken this course the Duke of Newcastle would have been in a position by this time to send him out a decision on his case, but that as he has sent his letter direct without affording an opportunity for the Governor to add any requisite explanation, it has become necessary to send his letter back to the Colony for report.
TFE 6 Feby
In this distant Colony, and indeed in all Colonies, I think it would be only right to instruct Governors to publish occasionally—say once a quarter—a notice in the Govt Gazette or Govt N. paper apprizing persons, who wish to address representations to the S. of State that they must give the Governor the opportunity of reporting upon their complaints.
ABd 6 Feby
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Draft reply, Newcastle to Douglas, No. 100, 9 February 1862, forwarding a copy of Holloway's letter, and asking to inform Holloway that Colonial complaints must be sent through the Governor.