13 August 1862
Nothing of much importance, beyond the ordinary routine of events, has occurred in British Columbia, since I had the honor of addressing Your Grace on the 16th July last, with the exceptionofManuscript image of a cruel Murder which was lately committed by some parties unknown near the Forks of Quesnelle river. The victims of this crime were three persons, Merchants and Packers, who were travelling in confident security inspired by the tranquil state of the country, from Carribou to the Forks of Quesnelle, with a considerable amount of Gold DustvaluedManuscript image valued at £3000, the whole of which was carried off by the assassins.
2. The most active search is being made after the perpetrators of this crime, and several persons have been taken into custody on suspicion, but as yet there exists no direct evidence of their complicity. For the interests of humanity ItrustManuscript image trust that these exertions will be crowned with success, and that those who have so signally outraged the laws of God and Man will be brought to exemplary punishment.
3. I have received advices from Commissioner O'Reilly, dated Carribou, Lightning Creek, 15th July. The report of that OfficerisManuscript image is satisfactory so far as respects the tranquil state of the Country and the prosperous condition of the Miners. The opening of many new mining works had increased the demand for labour, and wages had gone up to ten dollars a day for ordinary hands. The country was still however inadequately supplied with food whichwasManuscript image was selling at exorbitant prices and occasionally, as Mr O'Reilly remarks, not a pound of flour could be had at any price. This is partly ascribable to a deficiency in the means of transport and to the excessive charges made by Packers for the carriage of goods to the mines. The new roads which are beingmadeManuscript image made will, in a great measure, put an end to that species of oppression which is really the most formidable obstacle to the progress and development of the Colony.
I have the honor to be
My Lord Duke
Your Grace's most obedient
Humble Servant
James Douglas
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ABd 10 Oct
I think that this report may be Put by.
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