23 August 1862
By the arrival of the Hudson's Bay Company's Steamer "Otter" last night, I have received intelligence from Stickeen to the 11th of August.
2. It appears by these accounts that the MinersasManuscript image as a body, have not been successful in discovering remunerative diggings, a few only of the mining claims having yielded from eight to ten dollars a day.
3. It is stated on the other hand that lump-gold has been found on the North Fork of the Stickeen; and that a party of resolute adventurers have determined to explore that Branch of the River, and to winter there. The great majority of the Miners will however,noManuscript image no doubt return to this place.
4. Notwithstanding these cheerless accounts, and the present despondency of the Miners, I firmly believe that the exploration of the country will be vigorously prosecuted, and that the proper auriferous leads from whence the drift gold is carried and deposited on the river banks, will be ultimately discovered and turned to good account.
5. Her Majesty's Steam Frigate "Devastation" was lately dispatched by Admiral Sir Thomas Maitland, at myrequestManuscript image request, on a friendly visit to New Archangel (Sitka) and Stickeen. I took advantage of that occasion to address the enclosed Communication to the Governor of the Russian-American Possessions, expressing my great desire to cooperate with his Government in maintaining the peace of the country, and the friendly relations subsisting between our respective Governments. I however carefully abstained from raising questions touching territorial rights, assuming as a settled point, that the visits of British Vessels andSubjectsManuscript image Subjects to the Stickeen River, and the acts necessarily consequent thereon, such as passing through the Russian Territory, and anchoring in Russian waters, are strictly in accordance with the spirit of the Convention of 1825.
I have the honor to be
My Lord Duke,
Your Grace's most obedient
and humble Servant
James Douglas
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
Land Bd.
ABd 10 Oct
I do not think this need go to Land Board.
It is merely a report of the latest news from Stickeen, when seen by the Duke of Newcastle, I apprehend that it may be Put by.
TFE 10/10
Put by.
N 11
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
Douglas to the "Governor of Sitka," 6 August 1862, forwarding greetings and expressing a hope that recent activities in the Stikine region had not caused any disruption in Russian territory, transcribed below.
Documents enclosed with the main document (transcribed)
Manuscript image

Governor Douglas, to the Governor of Sitka.

6th August 1862.
I take advantage of a projected visit of Her Britannic Majesty's Steam Ship Devastation to the Northern Coast, to convey to Your Excellency as Governor of the Russian Possessions in that quarter, my assurances of high respect and consideration; and to express my readiness and desire to cöoperate with you onallManuscript image all occasions for the mutual benefit of our two Countries.
2 - I understand that recent discoveries of the existence of Gold in the Stickeen River have attracted many adventurers to the British Possessions on that quarter, contiguous to the Territories of his Imperial Majesty. _
_ I trust that this circumstance has not caused any annoyance or uneasiness to Your Excellency, and that none of Her Majesty's subjects who may be amongst those adventurers have committed any trespass upon Russian Territory, or having visited Russian Territory,haveManuscript image have been guilty of any unlawful acts. _
3 - Until more certain information is obtained, it is not probable that any Government Officer will be sent to these new Gold-fields; but in the meantime I shall greatly esteem any suggestions with which you may favour me, that may the more effectually serve to the preservation of law and order, and to the observance of the Treaty between Great Britain and Russia, of February A.D. 1825.
I have &c:
/Signed/ James Douglas.
Governor of Vancouver Island
and British Columbia