Ffarmer to Fortescue (Parliamentary Under-Secretary)
5 Kent Villas
[Asqburn Roads?]
[Parkhouse?] S.E.

Being about to visit British Columbia I have taken the liberty of writing to beg the favor of your giving me some little information with respect to that Colony. I trust that the circumstance of my going, and the interest I feel naturally in the Country in questionManuscript image will plead my apology for addressing you.
Could you kindly inform me if there is any means of conveyance from San Francisco to the Diggings at British Columbia, if provisions are obtainable & if the Climate is extremely cold or otherwise.
Your reply to Mr Caird of Thursday Evening, leaves no doubt of the large yield of gold to the miners.
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With my respectful apologies for troubling you thus.
I have the honor To be, Sir,
Yr. mo. ob. Servant
R.G. Ffarmer

C.F. Fortescue Esq M.P.
&c &c
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Mr Elliot
I should recommend the writer to purchase the Parly correspce. It contains nearly all the informn he will require. The Colonization Circular & a little publication called "Copper's Emigration Circular," "British Columbia Price" wd help him considerably. The last is to be got at 60 Gracechurch St.
ABd 1/3
Tell him of the Colonization Circular and of the other cheap publications, saying that he will probably find in them as much information as he will require, but that if he desires to acquaint himself more generally with the public affairs of B. Columbia and the progress of the Colony, it would be necessary for him to purchase of some Parliamentary Bookseller certain Blue Books which have been presented to the H. of Commons on the subject in the course of the last few Sessions.
TFE 3/3
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Fortescue to Ffarmer, 6 March 1862, advising where he might obtain information on British Columbia.