Caird, Sir James
b. 1816-06-10
d. 1892-02-09
Caird was an agriculturist, writer, and politician in the English House of Commons.1 In February of 1862, Caird asked the House about gold discoveries in British Columbia, and whether the government would establish a regular postal communication with the colonies.2
Caird wanted to establish a company in British Columbia: Douglas, Chief Factor Governor Vice-Admiral Sir James to Pelham-Clinton, 5th Duke of Newcastle Henry Pelham Fiennes 17 December 1859, CO 305:11, no. 1545, 387 references a private letter sent by Caird to abandon this intention.
Caird was born at Stranraer in 1816 and married Margaret Henryson in 1843; they had four sons and four daughters.3 Margaret passed away in 1843 and, in 1865, Caird married Elizabeth Jane Dickson.4
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