Haslewood to Colonial Office
June 31
Will you have the kindness to let me know how to proceed in the following case.
My son who has been several years at Sea is anxious to Emigrate to British Columbia. He is a very experienced man can do all that sailors do on bd ship and is handy at every thing a good Tailor Painter & Sewer. Can you send me any papers on thisManuscript image Subject and what advantages are offered to those who choose to Emigrate. As I am the Mother of Seven sons the Expense is of importance. His brother a fine lad of 15 Wishes to accompany his brother. My sailor son has just done with my Garden in first rate style indeed he does every thing well.
May I beg for a reply
& believe Me yours respectfully
Carlene Haslewood
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Ansr that H.M.G. extends no assistance to Emigrants to B.C. & refer the writer to the place where the Parly papers may be procured.
ABd 1 July
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Fortescue to Haslewood, 5 July 1862, advising that no assistance was available to emigrants from the government, and informing where she could obtain information on the colony.
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