Hawkins to Blackwood (Senior Clerk)
Junior United Service Club
October 30th 1862
My dear Sir,
I take the liberty of enclosing to you, at the request of Mr W.B. Lord that I should do so, an application from that gentleman to His Grace the Secretary of State for the Colonies for a public appointment in British Columbia, to which Colony he is thinking of emigrating with his family if he can feel assured of his position on arriving there; which application I trust you will feel yourself enabled to submit to the Duke of Newcastle, with such a recommendation in Mr Lord's favour as your knowledge of the circumstances will permit you to make.
You have met Mr Lord, who was introduced to you by myself. My own acquaintance with him is very recent; but his brother Mr J.K. Lord has been attached to the North American land Boundary Commission as assistant Naturalist (zoologist) and Veterinary Surgeon,Manuscript image and under my own immediate observation for nearly five years, during which period his services were of the most valuable description, and his conduct was irreproachable and gentlemanlike—he is also favourably known to Governor Douglas. Mr W.B. Lord has been for eight years in the Royal Artillery as a Veterinary Surgeon, and he served throughout the Crimean War and Indian Mutiny. I believe him to be of business habits, and of an active, mechanical, and inventive turn of mind. He is I am informed an educated Chemist and has had some practice in assaying, and a practical geologist, and acquainted with several branches of natural history—principally ornithology and schthyology. It is no disadvantage in the country towards which he thinks of turning his steps that he is a good sportsman and horseman.
Mr Lord's reasons for wishing to leave the service and proceed to a distant Colony are that in his particular line he has little or no prospect of any further advancement, and that in a new and rising Colony he thinks he willManuscript image have better opportunities for making his way than in an older community. I think it will be admitted that a gentleman of his abilities would be a most promising colonist; and as I feel convinced of his desire to make a practical application of his various acquirements, I do not doubt that he would prove a valuable public servant. I believe Mr Lord has no wish or intention to emigrate as a mere speculator, and I trust it will be within His Grace's power to secure his services for the Colony to which he wishes to proceed.
My desire to serve Mr Lord will I trust plead my excuse for being the channel by which he wishes to transmit his application to the Duke, through you.
I am, my dear Sir,
Your's faithfully
J.S. Hawkins

A. Blackwood Esqre
Colonial Office
Downing Street
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Private Secretary
Colonel Hawkins' account of Mr Lord, & the testimonials, lead to the conclusion that such a settler as this would be valuable in any colonial community. But I know of no vacancy in British Columbia to whh Mr Lord cd be appointed supposing even that the Duke of Newcastle's engagements & claims on his patronage permitted His Grace to look favorably on this application.
ABd 31 Octr
TFE 31/10
I never have any "engagements," but on the other hand I never have any patronage in B.C. All the appoints are made provisionally in the Colony & the number of persons qualified for office in the Country must be greatly increasing.
N 2-11
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Elliot to Hawkins, 7 November 1862, advising that practice had the governor make provisional appointments in the colony, subject to the approval of the Secretary of State, and that consequently Newcastle could hold out no hope of a position for Mr. Lord.
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
W.B. Lord to Newcastle, 25 October 1862, applying for a position in British Columbia.
Manuscript image
Recommendation of Captain L.A. Addington, 23 August 1862, testifying to Lord's capabilities and worth.
Manuscript image
Recommendation of Colonel C.S. Crofton, testifying to Lord's high character and professional abilities.
Manuscript image
Recommendation of Major General W.W. Hutchinson, 5 August 1862, testifying to Lord's zeal and efficiency in the performance of his duties.
Manuscript image
Recommendation of Colonel H. Aylmer, no date, testifying to Lord's abilities as a veterinary surgeon, and his additional scientific knowledge, as a great benefit during service in the Crimea.
Manuscript image
Recommendation of Colonel D.S. Paynter, 9 September 1857, expressing extreme satisfaction with Lord's performance while under his command.
Manuscript image
Recommendation of Colonel S. Gardiner, 25 November 1861, testifying to Lord's extreme professionalism while on service in India.
Manuscript image
Colonel A.T. Philpots, 25 November 1861, testifying to Lord's zeal and ability during the various periods he was under his command.
Manuscript image
Major General D.C. Anderson, 26 November 1861, testifying to Lord's abilities as a veterinary surgeon.