Kelly to Newcastle
27 Rue Demours
Thernes Paris
March 1st 1862
My Lord Duke
The growing importance of British Columbia—whence I have lately returned—is my excuse for briefly calling your Lordships attention to a state of things in that and the sister Colony [earnestly?] calling for special intervention.
Governor Douglas is a clever man—considering his opportunities he is not exempt from the influence of self interest. All his possessions and those of the Hudsons Bay Co on the Pacific Coast are on Vancouver Island and he naturally endeavours to [alt?] it at the expense of the mainland. That he has succeeded is only too easily proved by a comparison [of] the value of real estate in Victoria and New Westminster.
He first encouraged the belief that Fraser River was only accessible to small coastingManuscript image vessels of light draft of water untill he cajoled the mercantile immigrants to establish themselves in Victoria where they are now as it were rooted. But since the able report of Captt Richards RN dispelled that illusion the Governor is endeavouring to discover a shorter northern route to the Carriboo country (via Benticks Inlet) than that by the valley of the Fraser, which latter is obviously the natural line of road to the interior and would—as I will show—open up other vast resources of [made?]. But as I have already said, all he desires is to secure the supremacy of Victoria by opening up another avenue of Supply to its merchants.
In order to demonstrate at a glance to [His] Lordship the grievous injustice to the consumer in British Columbia which this policy entails I have only to state that the freight shipping charge insurance &c &c &c from LondonManuscript image or Liverpool to either Victoria or New Westminster are about equal, but as all merchandize is at present shipped to Victoria it is subsequently saddled with a cost in transhipment across the Gulph of Georgia fully more than the entire of that from England around the Horn which of course the poor Digger has to pay in addition to the 10 p cent Customs Duty.
As Captain Richards has conclusively discovered—there is not a finer, safer or more accessible harbour on the Pacific Coast than that within Frasers River—nor can the world produce a more magnificent naval station than Burroughs Inlet—almost an adjunct of New Westminster—yet through the adroitness of Governor Douglas consistently aided by Mr Fraser "The Correspondent of The Times" (the largest proprietor of real estate in Victoria) We have been studiously kept in the back ground—in order to enhance theManuscript image estimation of the [rural ports?] in the Island.
In a [word?] my Lord Duke if you [but put in?] British Columbia an independent energetic Governor (not Col Moody) its progress will transcend that of any other of the British Colonies, for its mineral and other resources—as it will show by exploration and comparison—exceed those of other either California or Australia in extent and variety.
Hoping your Grace will excuse the [freedom?] of this communication.
I have the Honor to remain Your Graces faithful Servant
William Kelly F.R.G.S.

To His Grace the Duke of Newcastle
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Whatever may be the real motive whh has induced Mr Kelly to address the Duke of Newcastle—whether hostility against Govr Douglas, or interest, public or private, in B. Columbia—it will, I think, be proper to acke the rect of this communication.
ABd 10 March
FR 10/3
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Fortescue to Kelly, 12 March 1862, acknowledging receipt of his letter.