Taylor to Newcastle
Tomity Chambers
Newcastle upon Tyne
Apl 26/62
My Lord
Your Lordship will oblige by informing me where I may obtain correct information respecting the gold fields of British Columbia, their resources and the means of Emigration thereto.
A number of intending Emigrants are desirous of receiving reliable information owing to the various contradictory accounts which appear at times in the papers. Your Lordships reply will therefore be esteemed a favor by
Your lordships obed. Sert
Thomas Taylor

His Grace The Duke of Newcastle
HM Secy of State for the Colonies
Minutes by CO staff
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Acquaint the writer where the Parly Papers may be procured: send him the last Colonization Circular which contains as much infn as the Govt can venture to furnish.
ABd 30 Ap
TFE 30/4
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Fortescue to Taylor, 5 May 1862, forwarding copy of the colonization circular and advising where further information on the colony could be procured.