Townsend to Under-Secretary of State
34 Hunter St
Brunswick Square WC
February 12/62
I am compiling some information respecting the colonies of British Columbia and Vancouver's Island, with a view to publishing it in a cheap form.
In a Parliamentary Paper published in 1859, on the subject of the former colony, I find much relevant information; and should be glad to knowManuscript image whether I could obtain permission to reproduce any part or parts of it that might seem desirable, for publication in the manner named? Acknowledging of course, the source from whence it is obtained.
I am informed that a second Parliamentary Paper on British Columbia is expected to be shortly published, and I should feel obliged if you would have me informed also whether this is the case, &, if so, whether the same permission couldManuscript image be granted with regard to it for which I ask a reference to the first named publication?
I have the honor to be Sir
Your most obedt Servant
H. Townsend

To the Under Secretary of State
for the Colonies
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Mr Elliot
The more publicity which can be given to B. Columbia the better I think: nor can there be any impropriety in the Writer availing himself of the information contained in the Parliamentary Blue Books. It shd be mentioned to him that 3 series of the Correspondence have been issued & that a 4th will shortly be out.
ABd 13 Feb
Certainly—give him the numbers and dates which identify the Parliamentary Papers. Draft.
TFE 13 Feby
Papers presented by Command.
18th Feb: 1859 - Part I
12 Augt 1859 - Part II
—- 1860 - Part III
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Elliot to Townsend, 14 February 1862, advising there was no objection to his publishing portions of the parliamentary papers, and providing the dates and numbers of relevant information.