No. 112
17 March 1862
I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your despatch of the 25th of October, No. 63, reporting your appointment of Mr. Arthur I. Bushby to the recently created office of "Registrar General" of Lands in British Columbia.
On referring to the return of appointments in British Columbia to 31st of December 1860, I find that Mr.Mr.Manuscript image Bushby's salary as Registrar of the Supreme Court is £300 per annum, but you do not mention, when reporting your selection of this Gentleman for the office of Registrar General, (to which a Salary of £500 a year is attached) whether it is intended to relieve him from his office in the Supreme Court, or whether you propose that he should hold the two situations with a combined income of £800 per annum. If this latter beyourManuscript image your intention, I am decidedly of opinion that the Salary would be excessive. In the present early stage of Registration in British Columbia, whether of Lands or of deeds in the Supreme Court, I cannot doubt that the business may very well be performed by the same person, with a Salary not exceeding the whole £500 per annum. If Mr. Bushby accepts these combined offices on these terms, I shall not object to confirmyourManuscript image your nomination of him. If he refuses them you will report to me his refusal in order that some different arrangement may be made, making such provisional arrangements as you can, at an expense not exceeding the rate of £300 per annum.
I observe that the Proclamation requires the Registrar of Lands to appoint a Deputy Registrar who may perform the duties of the Office, and receive a Salary not exceeding £300 per annum.
IManuscript image
I shall be glad to be informed whether such an officer is necessary for the Execution of the provisions of the Law, and, if so, whether the duties can be performed for a less sum than £300 per annum.
I have the honor to be
Your obedient Servant